We offer Boost Mobile phones and services. Come in and get connected with Boost Mobile's Monthly Unlimited Plans. You'll get dependable Nationwide coverage, Unlimited Talk, Text, Web, Email, Walkie-talkie, and 411 assistance for only $50 a month or $60 a month for the Blackberry Unlimited Monthly Plan.

We have the latest Boost Mobile phones: Blackberry Curve 8330, Samsung Rant, Sanyo Juno (in Blue and Pink), Sanyo Incognito, Sanyo Mirro, Motorola i9, Motorola i1 (powered by Android touchscreen), Motorola i465, Motorola i296, and the  Motorola i335.

We also have accessories to protect, and charge your phone. Bluetooth headsets so you stay safe and won't break the law while your driving. You can also come and Re-Boost your account right here with us every month. 

We will be carring Virgin Mobile SOON. So you will be able to get connected with a Blackberry Curve 8530 for only $35 a month (Unlimtied Text, Web, & Email w/ 300 minutes a month) amongst other feautre rich phones. Also you'll be able to get 3G internet access on your laptop anywhere with Virgin Mobile's Broadband2Go or MiFi. Keep checking in with us to know when we will have it in stock. You can also come Top-Up for Virgin Mobile service.

 BlackBerry Curve 8330  Special- $259.99 (includes 1st month)

Motorola i1 (powerd by Android touchscreen) Price- $349.99

Motorola i465 Price- $79.99

Sanyo Incognito Pirce- $129.99

Alot more phones to choose from so come in and get one.